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We have dedicated Broker Support to take action to provide solutions. Capacity productivity and performance make a perfect link to get the best results in less time.

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Top Florida Brokers

Top Florida Brokers LLC.  specializes in Investment Business and Luxury Residential real estate as well as Development opportunities, helping his clients to achieve maximum return of their investments and in some way pursuing their happiness.

Client testimonials and sales achievements have acknowledged efficiency, highly effective negotiation habits and ability to creatively structure deals through challenging circumstances.

Both, recognition and gratitude for going above of the clients expectations.

Mission: Top Florida Brokers is committed to provide Top Real Estate full services, with Intelligence, Integrity and Energy leading to the customers satisfaction objectives and improving our quality of life through active community involvement.

Vision: To achieve the highest standards of the Real Estate industry interconnecting Central Florida and Miami Downtown – Brickell Area corridor. Our energy is focused to listening, anticipating and understanding our customers , investors, residents  priorities and needs in order to provide the most attractive integral solution, proudly honoring the Realtor Code of Ethics.

Meet Eduardo Velasquez

Eduardo Velasquez, Licensed Real Estate Broker founder of Top Florida Brokers LLC., was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. As a child, along with his parents and sisters, he lived in Austin, Texas where he learned the importance of friendship, learned English, attended school and learned the American way of life. He grew up within a family that knew the importance of creating a patrimony through residential real estate  and frequently asked his parents about this issue. Since an early age his interest to provide services to family and friends and his curiosity for Health Sciences highlighted his personality.

In pursuit of his happiness and dreams he became a Doctor of dentistry in one of Venezuela’s most recognized University, “Universidad Central de Venezuela” (UCV). Soon after, motivated to experience a new life style and to acknowledge different cultures, he traveled to Barcelona, Spain where he achieved a Master’s degree of Implants and Oral Surgery in the Implantology College, “Escuela Superior de Implantología”.

He further continued his education and submitted himself into his career for 8 years before entering the world of Real Estate.  In 2010, continuing his ideal to provide services, this time to the community, he became a Real Estate Agent, acquiring the Florida Real Estate license.

Eduardo’s outstanding dynamic leadership style and his successful entrepreneur characteristics have been shown by being awarded from the Business Broker of Florida (BBF) to become a member. His exceptional qualities to support and understand his customer's needs, ideas and particular situation when investing in local and foreign businesses, has lead him to represent more than 450 transactions. His results speak for themselves: in the last 5 years, Eduardo has personally facilitated more than $37,000,000 in real estate transactions. “It's not just a numbers game to me. I get to know my clients and make it my personal goal to provide them with service that is unparalleled in this industry."   Despite his vocation for the company, he enjoys practicing his hobbies such as participating in marathons that support different causes, exercising to preserve his health, and last but not least, he finds comfort and delights himself in the art of fishing.  "Realtor with experience in Commercial Real Estate, Luxury Residential Properties and Investment Properties. A Miami local with drive and knowledge to make profitable transactions with ease for my clients". Health Care Real Estate Specialist

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